Far – Asset Management System



Core functionality is delivered through both desktop and Andriod-based mobile application where data is updated real-time for up to date data across the organization.


The application’s ability to intergrate with client business systems provides for end-to-end management of assets. At a project level, we will go through a data mapping excercise to establish the correct account linkages and the associated mSCOA segements.

Offline Capability

The mobile app provides for offline capabilities to allow users to transact even where there is no connectivity to a network.

It provides for automatic synchronization with the database once connectivity is restored.


We have a dedicated team of technical and support staff available to suit service level requirements.


Access to functionality is profile-driven. The administrative console allows for further granular access control down to user interface level.

Master Data

There is an administration module that manages master data which drives how the system treats the data at the transactional level.

We Can Take You There

“The primary purpose of the system is to keep track of all events from acquistion, use through to disposal, making available business critical information to the users.”