Foresight – Innovation



Asset Management System

The FAR Asset Management System is a web-based application designed to streamline the asset management life cycle, making it easy for municipalities and public agencies to manage their assets from anywhere and at anytime. The core purpose of the system is to keep track of all events from acquisition through to disposal.


Meter Auditing

Meter Auditing is a critical process in the revenue management value chain. Its importance lies in the collection of current property owner information, confirms the existence and condition of the meter, confirms meter number, meter number, records the last reading, collects GPS location and the picture of the meter.


Meter Reading

Meter Reading is another critical process in the revenue management value chain. The accuracy of the data collected through this process is key to the generation of correct consumer bills and revenue collection. We assist with conducting independent meter readings, and this is crucial to ensure the integrity of the meter reading information.

Foresight Strategy

The establishment of Foresight Innovations is part of the Bonakude Consulting’s Transition to a Technology and Innovation driven strategy.